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Handcrafted  MusicLessons  

We focus on the student-teacher relationship, giving you someone that not only cares about your musical journey, but someone who genuinely cares about you as a human. Our goal is to make sure you feel loved, valued, and cared for. To give you a safe space to be creative, make mistakes, and grow. That is the heartbeat of why we do what we do. All of our lessons are made just for you. Learning Pace, Style, Genre and Goals are all Student Driven. 

Trusted by 210 active campus students

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Are you looking into music lessons for the first time?

Are you frustrated with your current lesson studio?

Are you an adult looking to pick up a new or old dream?

Welcome Home

Our superpower here at Fortville Music Garage is removing obstacles and distractions from your ability to learn your instrument. We prioritize your goals, your needs as a human and learner; to help you reach your potential as a musician and human. Music is a journey it is not a destination. We must learn to fail forward, face our fears together, and show up in every condition. The instruments we play are not just goals; they are a gift that can walk through life with us from any age. Far too often we hear stories from people who wished they would have found us sooner, and are so glad they did. 

Access to Courses & Online Resources 

Access to Private Online Community 

Access to Clinics & Workshops

1 on 1 handcrafted music lessons


What Families Say 

FMG is an amazing place to take music lessons. All of the staff are kind and very knowledgeable. My son not only gets drum lessons from Jacob, but also a great role model and friend. Thank you FMG for making us part of your family. 

Nicole Conner

Our daughters started guitar and ukulele 6 months ago as beginners. Since starting we have been extremely impressed. From the responsiveness to our first inquiries, to the quality of instruction they receive each week. At FMG you truly are more than a student. It is a supportive community of some of the most accepting people you'll meet. 

Megan Dewing

My son has been going there since Jan. 2021 and my daughter started going in 2023. They absolutely love going. The staff is Amazing! Super friendly and very informative. I could not be happier to take them here to get instrument lessons. 

John Miller

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Over 38,000 teaching hours in studio. 

200+ Campus Students 

Instructor Training Program & Certification

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Music Theory Based & Nashville Numbering Empowered

Artist Development 

Live Band Experiences

Music Lessons in













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Performance Program 

Our Performance-Based Programs create space for every age and skill level from the beginner to the working professional. Playing with others is a proven method of improving faster and a sure-fire way to have more fun! You will learn how to play together, chart songs, set up, tear down, use mics, monitors, engage a crowd, and communicate at a high level in front of real crowds. 

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For the aspiring artist. 

Private Lessons

Private Instruction on primary instrument specific to performance, recording and engaging a crowd. 

Private Instruction deep dive into technical side of instrument (ex: pedals, cables, effects, software, etc.)

VIP Artist Support 

Join FMG Band(s) Opportunities with Instructors & Students. 

Learn how to set up, tear down, operate and connect professional grade audio equipment at events of all sizes. (Open Mics, FMG home events, Student Showcases, & other additional live music events. 

Steve Freeman Artist Development Exclusive Content

Career Support at large (social media, communities, how to get the gig and keep it, etc.)

Feedback Loop & Reporting

Repetitious Review & Feedback of every event. No event is a perfect scorecard because we always push the boundaries of where we are comfortable. 

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Your Trial Is Free

Unlimited Access to Courses. 

Unlimited Access to Resources.
Access to Online Student Community. 
Access to Workshops & Clinics. 
1 on 1 Handcrafted Lessons made just for you.

Trusted by 210 Campus Students & Families. 
Community of people who lead with Love. Valued. Cared For. 

Plus Get Access To All Instrument Resources. (Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocal, Music Theory and Much More) 



When Do we Teach?

We have morning, afternoon, and evening lesson times at our physical campus in Fortville, IN. Online Courses are self-paced and include weekly scheduled live events. 

Do you Need an instrument to take lessons

No, especially if you are testing the waters. We are more than happy to accommodate a musical tasting to land on the right instrument. We are also well equipped to help you find an instrument through our Global Partnerships. 


Makeups can be booked through the Toolbox page online. If you cannot find a date that works. You may reach out to Our admin team will reach out as soon as possible. 

How Long Does it take to learn to play?

No matter the pace that a student grows, it is important to remember that every journey is filled with ups and downs. How we come alongside these struggles and triumphs informs how the student will engage with the instrument now and later in life. So, how long does it take? No one can answer that; not us, not you, because it is a relationship. We have seen students excel at rapid paces and taper off in year, and we have seen students who stuck with it for years and one day all of it clicked. 

Private lessons

Our private lessons are a 1 on 1 custom experience rooted in the principals of LISTEN. LEARN. LOVE.


We LISTEN to the student, get to know them and their needs. 


We LEARN their likes, dislikes and goals. 


We LOVE who shows up that day...No Matter What. 


Our lessons are rooted in a theory base. Our goal is to help every student become a music creator, not just a consumer. This means giving them the tools to self-propel and become a musician of value in any room or context. Music is a common language: the instrument speaks the language, and it's our job to give our students the ability to understand and apply. 

Pausing On Campus Lessons

We will first work with your schedule to see if there are better options or creative ways to accommodate it. If you do need to pause/stop lessons for any reason, we just require a 1-month notice. 

If you do need to pause lessons please click here. 

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