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Music Essentials

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This course sets the stage for every course we release beyond this. It is a 30,000 ft look at music. We will be covering the following: Musical Alphabet Tuning Instruments Scales Key Signatures Chord Construction Rhythm Road Maps Progressions Finding Your Place in the sound Serving The Song We start he, no matter your skill set so we can communicate as closely and clearly with your journey as possible. We have a dream for every musician to be able to show up in any situation and give something of value. To not have those moments where you are scared to play because you are not sure of what to do. But be aware and have tools to figure out what steps to take or questions to ask to jump in. Music is big, but it is also very small. Anything we first try we are likely going to be very SLOW. It will probably be pretty UGLY at times. However, we will feel AWESOME because we tried, we showed up and did the best we could do consistently. SLOW + UGLY = AWESOME Welcome to FMG Online! When you have questions reach out!

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Music Essentials

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