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What you will find here is some good content for a future conversation. We are super intentional and want to give you the best experience possible! If you have any more questions, shoot us a text, give us a ring or submit a form.

Welcome to FMG we cannot wait to meet you! 

We Want You To Know 


The filter we use to craft everything we do centers around creating opportunities for students and families to experience being Loved, Valued and Cared For

LOVED = Through being a consistent voice of positivity in the whole life of the student, not just the instrument. Being an ear, someone who Listens to and Learns from the student. Being a place that champions the smallest victories and walks through the hardest failures. 

VALUED = Not for what is done but for who they are as people. Too often are we only valued for our output and if we are good at something. We want our students to be great and they are but we value the human, so they value themselves no matter what they can produce. 

CARED FOR = Whoever shows up in the booth that day is who we serve. Not the special version that wants to do everything we deem necessary for improvement. Not the one that listens perfectly and executes at high level the entirety of a lesson. Not the one that the student wishes they were. Not the one others wish they were. The version of themselves that actually walked through the door. That human, is who we care for. Repetition in Honesty breathes OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH in ALL areas. 

This is who we are. This is who you will get. We are no perfect at all of this but it is the lens in which we operate and what we strive to offer to every student and family. 

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