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If That's What You Got

If that’s what you got, that’s what you use.

When I was a teenager, I played basketball and was very into basketball fashion. I was into Jordans, Nike, And 1, and everything that came along with it.

One of the fashion trends that stemmed from this was “No Show Socks”.

Do you remember this? If you are lucky enough to remember this you will likely have a couple different reactions to that specific phrase:

  1.  A deep seated memory of wishing you could find/afford no show socks that were like all the other cool kids.

  2. Remember the feeling of having a sock rolled to the middle of your foot so they wouldn’t show.

If you cannot relate let me give you another example.

This is kind of like wanting McDonalds Chicken Nuggets but getting Tyson frozen nuggets. They look the same but are not even close.

We have all experienced this right? We have wanted something, been drawn to something that inherently couldn’t happen as fast as we wanted it to, or it never happened at all.

We have all had the experience of wanting change and even pursued it for a time and gave up.

Maybe you wanted to portray that you had changed things, that things were better than they are so you got a new car, you got a new dress, went on a trip, showed up to a party, gave a gift you couldn’t afford just to be a “part” of what you thought should be your current situation.

We have done it. We have traded our peace for possessions. We have traded our time for lesser things.

We have traded our dreams for cheap copies.

We have traded our willingness to do what is required for comfort and false creature comforts that rob us of our momentum.

Momentum is messy. It is Ugly and it is SLOW….

One of my favorite quotes is from Alex Hormozi,

“The definition of Patience is what we do in meantime.”

This is profound because it makes waiting an active participant in our life. The process of change, progress, or growth is slow. It doesn’t happen overnight. No one becomes great at anything overnight. They may have a stronger disposition to the thing they pursue but they are not great overnight. It may look it, but that is not the case.

Patience is a choice.

It is an active choice to choose to do something while we are not where we want to be, because ultimately that decision leads to a thousand others that either build us or break us.

We must stop saying we need X, Y, or Z to get where we are going. We have to start with this phrase right here…

“If That’s What You Got, that’s what you use.”

There is a sickness in our society: that we need all of things, all of the time, no substitutes, no take backs, and that the dream is dead without them.

This is a scapegoat of our real life, dreams, and goals.

The truth is, no situation is ever perfect. There are always obstacles and guess who put most of them there? You and me.

We mess up. People mess up. We don’t make all the right calls and that affects our current state.

What we cannot continue to do is say we want this - say we want change, say we want to be in a different space - and continue to do the same things. We have to choose different. We have to think different and choosing to push the ball forward inside of our situation just the way it is, is the path of least resistance.


Because, it is the path we are currently on. We just have to do do the work that is required. You don’t know how to do it? Google it. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Google adjacent subjects, get on forums, get on socials, start being vulnerable with your friends, and find direction.

Why are we so afraid as a community to make known that we do not have it all together all the time? Why must we sacrifice our peace for the thought of another?

We can stop doing that as soon as we start to “use what we got.”

If what we have is not good enough for where we are going, then that gives us a lens to filter ourselves through and begin to do the work that our dreams require while we “wait” “patiently”  for them to come true.

You are your best boss.

You are the CEO of YOU.

You Are Loved.

Why choose to wish for something that won’t happen when we can make a choice to “use what we got” get to the next right thing and do it again and again until we wake up one day and realize….Oh, I am here…..

I guess I keep going….

People Love You, you are valuable, just use what you got and get going.

No show socks are so overrated.

Zack Schuyler

VP of Student Experience

(Former Lover Of No Show Socks, Tyson Chicken Nugget Style)

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