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Live Your Dream

I read a quote a few days ago that struck me funny. It was from one of my favorite tech YouTubers, MKBHD or as you may know him Marques Brownlee.

He was discussing YouTuber’s who have been doing it a long time, taking a step back or retiring all together. Then he transitioned to his own career. He has been doing this at a super high level for a long time.  He talked about how he loves what he gets to do but for a creative it does not scale the same as other jobs. That the business of creative begins to overshadow the actual thing that made you fall in love with it in the first place.

He lamented that, being a YouTuber is a job. It is a dream job. Then he said this.

If you ever get to live the dream, be deliberate about it.

  • Marques Brownlee

That hit me so hard.

I am living the dream. I too am living the dream. I forget that sometimes. I forget that the work we do here is actually amazing. It is impactful and beautifully messy. It is hard, it is full of days that look like emptying ones self out for another multiple times a day and it can be daunting. Yet, it is a good work. It is a work worth doing. It is the dream.

What is the dream?

Our dream here is to help people bet on themselves. It is to instill confidence in the next step, whatever that is. It is to give our students, young and old a place to fail forward and have a champion at their side cheering them on. It is to bring together a global community around LOVED. VALUED. CARED FOR. And implement it in their own communities. It is to make sure every human we connect with knows that they are worth far more than they believe and have so much to give to the world that only they can give.

Why is it so hard to be deliberate about that?

That is a dream worth fighting for. It is a dream worth seeing through. It is worth showing up for in any condition and giving 100% on our worst day.

Why is hard to be consistent in the things we believe in and hold dear to our hearts? It should be easy right?


Often times, the dream comes with so many obstacles, so many unknowns, so many curve balls and we being human lose heart. We lose sight of the vision. We lose our grit. We forget our why.

We must be deliberate in reminding ourselves of the mission and the goal. We must fall in love with the journey not the outcome and begin to measure ourselves by the actions we take toward the outcome not by the outcome itself.

Being deliberate is to live on purpose with a purpose in all of our moments. Not just some of them. It is to choose where we go and how we get there, not just show up.

Today. Let’s show up. Let’s take the leap. Let’s do the things we do not want to do. Let’s champion the little decisions that we overlook every day and let those wins sing over us. Let’s move in the direction of purpose, in the direction of heartbeat and let that overcome our fear and doubt.

You are worthwhile.

You are imperfect

You are what is needed in the world

Be deliberate.

Live Your Dream.

Zack Schuyler

VP of Student Experience

Zack & (former CEO of Gibson Guitars & Levi's) Coolest guy ever with such a big heart!

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Overcoming is what you do. Knowing that the word quit is not in your vocabulary, is why so many call FMG home. This community would have a giant hole if it was not for you and the staff at FMG.

Replying to

Thank you so much brother!

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