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Never Don't Do The Basics

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

There is a quote from a mentor of ours that has drastically shifted the way we operate; as an organization, as people, as parents, as friends, and as leaders.

Being advanced means, you never don't do the basics. - Alex Hormozi

Seems simple right? Like there had to be more? Some existential statement that you may not even grasp and ponder for days. Some earth shattering something that made your brain break?

That's the problem with us. We overcomplicate everything. We search for formulas, we search for pills, and we search for vices to cover and fill up the voids that keep us up at night and numb in the morning.

This is especially true in seasons of stress. We choose to focus on the future we wish we had, because somehow our present circumstance steals all possibility of the joy we think we are missing out on, while at the same time abandoning all the peace and content that lives in the very moment we abandon.

We have learned over time to operationalize words. It helps give tools to unearth the why and gives the how. So, lets break it down!

Advanced - having or suitable for a high level of knowledge or skill.

By this definition afforded to us from "The Google," advanced is a state of being in physical form or mental form. The words "having" or "suitable" give us insight to the fact that just because we may not possess all the knowledge or skill, does not negate us from the state being and pursuit of it.

In fact, it gives us hope that, we too, can be advanced because we have the choice to be suitable. It is a choice.

How often do you and I kill dreams with an "I can't" or "I do not have the experience" or "must be nice"?

We scoff at other people's choices to choose advanced, to choose suitable and allow theirs to rob ours - keeping us stuck in the wishing well with no pennies to toss.

None of us are advanced at all things. If it were, I myself would be the greatest, most versed musician in the room of our instructors, but I am not. I am the most seasoned teacher; however, that does not make me the most advanced player. Do you see what I am saying? I have chosen an area to make masterful. It was a choice. A choice that came with the consequence of time and repetition in one specific way and it led to advanced. It was in the showing up and

This choice also gave the opportunity to learn many disciplines and master the basics of many instruments. How do you master basics? By doing them of course! Repetition bleeds consistency (shameless former blog plug).

Never Don't Do

This is an odd way to say something, however it is super effective. It is actionable.

To say I will "never" actually means never.

Never - at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever

From the moment you decide to become advanced at whatever it is you choose, you eliminate the opportunity for doubt and excuse by making this choice. This choice is critical. It is the line in the sand. It is the boundary to which you now operate under and upon NO OCCASION in the PAST or FUTURE will you abandon your choice - EVER.


Because if you do - if you decide I am not going to do what I set out to do: that is actual failure. In a previous blog post, I put forth the idea that "Failure Is The Best Option, "because it is. It is the single greatest growth engine a human can have.

However, true failure happens when we decide not to grow - when we decide the goal is too far, too high, too hard, too much risk, too much money, too much pain, too much change, too much for us and our situation.

All of those things may be true. Every single one of them, but it doesn't change the fact that YOU ARE SUITABLE. It does not change the truth that YOU CAN MAKE A CHOICE to say UPON NO OCCASION will I not show up to do the thing I set out to do.

The Basics - any and all first steps that create a reaction of natural progression toward an end goal. (My own definition)

When I hear someone say "I got the basics down on guitar," and then, they show me they can play a few chords, maybe play an intro to a cool song, or maybe have even written a little diddy - I get pretty upset.

I get upset because they view that as the basics.

That's not even close to true. There is nothing basic about any of that.

Guitar is all motor skills: touch, feel, patience, mental and physical pain tolerance - all rolled into a beautiful experience of suck...for a little while. Every inch gained on a guitar is masterful. Every moment spent CHOOSING quality of note is a step toward advanced.

You have to be advanced at so many parts of playing guitar before you ever even strike a chord: yet, we take these steps and just pass by them like they mean nothing.

There are steps to becoming a guitarist, a musician, an architect, and all of these have basic pre requisites attached to them. Yet, they all start with the first steps.

That is thing - the basics are the first steps. The funny thing about the first steps is they are the very same things that get you to advanced, we just learn different techniques to get there.

If I want to be known for what I have given to the world, what is the first step? Start giving. That's it. Then NEVER DON'T DO THE BASIC.

If I want to upgrade my salary in my current job, I go back to what got it for me. Punctuality, Helpfulness, Skill Set....What you will find is you let holes in the bucket along the way and the basics will expose them so you can fill them.

If I want to be a better leader of my family, I go to how I communicate. That was the first thing I did as a dad...I communicated love, care and value to my sons and daughters...But what about now? What about when I am tired and frustrated? IT IS A CHOICE.

There are so many examples here of how Never Don't Do The Basics can legit change everything in your life.

My favorite thing that has come from this adoption of a mindset and phrase has been the fruit of my labor. Not monetarily, but in conversation in the waiting room with families. My choice to do the basics has led me to questions of how I can do those better and do more of them in different ways. This right here is one of them.

You are suitable. You can. You should. You will win. It will suck. It will cause pain. It will not be fun and you will feel like you do not belong. When that happens...Upon No OCCASION do you EVER DON'T DO THE BASICS.

What are my basics?




That's my filter, my question, my life work right there. It is imperfect. It is incomplete. Yet, it challenges me every day to do more and do it better.


Zack Schuyler

VP of Student Experience

(Basic Human)

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